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Everything you need for Prom 2009.

Bella Boutique has been helping girls get ready for Prom since 1998. Bella Boutique Prom has partnered with the best in the area to help make your prom perfect. Even if you don't live near Bella Boutique, you can find great tips here to help you prepare for your big night. You can even shop prom dresses online at, our UPS Ground shipping is free in the USA! (Alaska, Hawaii, PR extra)

Buy your prom dress from Bella Boutique, get exclusive offers from salons, restaurants and limosine services as part of the Bella Boutique Prom Club.

It all starts with a dress!

Your accessories, your shoes, even your hairstyle should compliment your prom dress. If you're bringing a date to prom, you can even coordinate matching colors and outfits. But you have to prepare early because the longer you wait, the fewer options you have.

Pick out your prom dress early! Prom shopping starts in December as the top prom designers unveil their prom lines. Certain dresses are exclusives and available in very limited in number, so when they're gone, they're gone.

While Bella Boutique carries thousands of dresses in-stock, we cannot carry every size of every dress. Certain sizes and dresses will have to be specially sewn by the dress manufacturer, which could take anywhere from less than a week to over a month. If you wait too long you may not be able to get the dress you want before your wear date (date of the prom).

If you do happen to order late, Bella Boutique will let you know quickly whether or not a certain dress can be available safely before your wear date. If not, we can help you pick out a different color or similar dress that is.

Your Prom Accessories

Clutch or purse? Does the color of your necklace's stones match or compliment your dress? You've got questions, Bella Boutique's got answers, in addition to a top selection of handpicked jewelry, designer handbags and shoes to help accent your prom dress and let you shine like a star on your prom night.

When you buy a prom dress from Bella Boutique, get special offers on accessories, shoes and jewelry to go with it.

Your Prom Hairstyle

Curls? Updo? Wear it down? See some of the hottest hairstyles and looks for this prom year and get tips from hair stylists.

Make sure to schedule your hair appointment in advance, and get the special Bella Boutique Prom Club offers.

The Prom Dinner

Whether it's a romantic candlelit evening for two or a gathering of friends, Bella Boutique Prom has got you covered with tips on how to pull off the prom dinner and deals from the finest restaurants in the area. Dine and Shine with Bella Boutique Prom

Limosine and Car Rentals for Prom

Are you're looking to be glamorously chauffered around in a limo or renting an upgrade for that beatup pickup truck? Bella Boutique Prom's got special deals for the best wheels in town.

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